Tip Kamui Black Hard ΓΈ 14 - Laminated - Original     Achro Cues

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KAMUI promises performance and consistency. The ability to rely on product performance enables players to seek higher level strategies and intuitively rely on their imagination to its fullest extent.
Humidity resistance: KAMUI tips are made of vegetable tanned leather.
Vegetable tanned leather is a far superior process in durability and elasticity compared to chrome tanned leather.
However, vegetable tanned leather has a tendency to absorb moisture which degrades the performance of the durability and elasticity.
KAMUI introduced a special treatment in the tanning process to make the KAMUI leather humidity resistant.
This specially treated leather maintains the elasticity and the durability of KAMUI tips in all seasons and even in high humid environments.
Kamui Tips Can Be Easily Installed On Any Cue.
For Best Results Use Longoni 977 Professional Glue.