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Τιμή: 560.48€
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Manufacturer: Longoni
Category: Fiber Laminate Shafts
Construction: Pure Graphite + PSX Black Ring
Joint: Uniloc Joint
Shaft Length in inches: 29
Taper: Pro Taper American VM
Ferrule: Luna Nera
Tip: Kamui Original Soft Laminated
Tip ø in mm: 12.4
Weight in oz: ±4.3
Case: Soft Case
Joint Protector: Yes
Serial Number: Yes
Warranty: 2 Years
Tech Support & Quality Control
by Experienced Technicians.



* Extreme low deflection and high shooting accuracy.
* Layered graphite with variable orientation for maximum strength, push and controlled elasticity.
* Calibrated balancing.
* New polyurethane filling, maximum volumetric and weight uniformity. Soundproofing and better vibration absorption.
* Mechanical components made with a very high precision CNC machine.