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Handgrip for Billiard Cue Butt Longoni Murano
Murano Is The Handgrip Chosen By Longoni To Give The Best Grip To Your Game Leaving Unchanged The Beauty Of Your Cue`s Woods. Made Of Pure Silicone Rubber, The Same Used In The Medical Field, It Is A Non-Toxic Product And Suitable Also To Whom Is Latex Allergic. It Can Be Easily Put On The Cue With The Help Of A Few Sprays Of Glass Detergent (Which Does Not Contain Solvents), Scrolling It Till The Required Position. Once The Liquid In Excess Has Been Removed With A Soft Cloth, After About One Hour Your Cue Is Ready For The Game.


Length: 34cm
Weight: 28gr
Thickness: 1mm
Install it with: Liquid Glass Cleaner
Surface: Smooth