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Bulls Focus II Plus

71.40€ 69.97€
MPN: 68010
EAN: 4022847680104
Brand: Bulls
Availability: Immediate Dispatch
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Product Info

Dartboard  :  Tournament Bristle Dartsboard with Blade Spider
Wall Clamp  :  Full set included
Fit Instructions  :  Included



Dartboard Specs

Weight  :  4,9Kg (± 0,15Kg)
Type  :  Soft Feel Blade Bristle Dartboard (African Sisal).
Dimensions ø  :  ø45,5cm / 18" full size
Thickness  :  3,9cm / 1,5" full size
Darts Type
 :  Steel Tip
Sisal Compression
 :  Optimal depth & density for silent/soft feel and outstanding durability.
Plus points
 :  Clear Vision colors and beautiful Number Ring. One of the best tournament Dartboards worldwide.



Wire Specs

Wire Type
 :  Thin Blade Spider (staples free)
Wire Thickness  :  0,8mm (±0,03mm)
Triples/Doubles Height
 :  9,3mm (±0,1mm)
 :  Silver



Number Ring

Ring Type
 :  Round Wire
Numbers Type
 :  Pressed Flat
 :  Anti-Glare White



Finish & Graphics

Surface Finish  :  Deep Painted Bristle
Outside Round Ring
 :  Mat Black Painted




Model Name  :  Bulls Focus II + Plus
M.O.Q.  :  1 Set
Guarantee  :  Till First Use

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