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Nir Atlanta 8 Pine Finish (Table Top)

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MPN: 15213
EAN: 8026620226059
Brand: Nir Italia
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Billiard pool table entirely in brown pine wood suitable to become the center of maximum attraction in every room of your home. Equipped with a cover to turn into a splendid dining table.
The multi-step finishing process brings out the natural luster and beauty of the wood grain.
The legs of the table add an aesthetic value and with the addition of metal rods and stringers they guarantee exceptional stability.
The cushions, which mount the K66 professional rubbers specific for tournaments, are fixed at three different points to the slate, giving the ball the maximum response on the table.
The three-piece 25 mm slate combined with the massive wooden structure of the table, offers maximum stability and strength.
The cloth is resistant to the scratches of the sticks, to the traces of the balls and to the day-to-day use.
To enrich the table structure there are metal plates and pockets in genuine leather.
Available in the only version in 8ft.
Optional: matching bench/ accessories holder.

Ext.size = 256 x 144cm

Int.size = 224 x 112cm

Weight = 437Kg

Slate = 3pcs / 25mm

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