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Before submitting your order please read carefully the terms and conditions that follow, as these govern the supply of the Products you purchase through this website or by Fax.

Product Display / Colors and Trademarks
ACHRO attempts to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products shown on the Site. However because the colors you see will depend on many factors, including your monitor or printer, ACHRO cannot guarantee that the color you see matches the product color.
All trademarks, logos and names that are provided in our web site are recognized as property of their respective owners.


Receipt of your order does not guarantee that we can supply the selected Products to you. Our web site is regularly updated throughout the year, to ensure that we provide accurate details on product availability and the time period of any special offer is regularly updated. We diligence to ensure availability on all our advertised items, however we cannot guarantee availability.
In the unlikely event that your chosen item is unavailable we will contact you by e-mail as soon as possible to advice of expected delivery dates. We will cancel your order and we will deduct the charges from your credit card or refund the amount at your bank account if the delivery time is not acceptable from your party.

Pricing and Product Information
Please note that all prices displayed on our site are exclusive of delivery costs and bank charges (if any) . All our prices are given in Euro. The price stated in the order confirmation form is the definitive price, taking into account all relevant charges as handling, packaging, transport costs and VAT.
Prices are subject to change at any time prior to ACHRO’s acceptance of your order. The specifications, characteristics and photos of the products that are presented in our website were correct at the moment of their first publication and we are trying our best to keep updated our database, but sometimes probably differ lightly because of small modifications in their production. In the event we discover a material error in the description or the photo or availability of a product or service that affects your outstanding order with ACHRO, or an error in pricing, we shall notify you of the corrected version, and ask you whether you still wish to proceed. If you choose to cancel the order, and your credit card/bank account has already been charged for a purchase, ACHRO will issue a credit to your credit card and/ or bank account in the amount of the charge.


  • You may pay for your order by one of the listed major credit cards as appears at our site by means of a secure payment system. We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems available on the Internet: the SSL protocol at 128 bit. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they sent for processing at EUROBANK.
  • You may pay for your order also using PayPal.
  • You may pay for your order also when you receive the goods at the forwarding agent
    (only for Greece and for orders up to 100€ total amount).
  • Payment can be also effected by deposit the total order amount into our Bank account at
    IBAN: GR5502600440000410201098540
    Send us a copy of your Bank transfer at our fax +30 2299086929 or with an email at Upon receipt we will deliver your order.


For Greece only we use two different ways to send out your goods depending on the volume and the weight of each order and taking into consideration the safest, fastest and cheapest way for you.
1) With Courier Services (1 - 2 working days). This is not the cheapest but the fastest and the safest way. With this way we send only small volume and weight up to 40Kg.
2) With local forwarding agents (Curbside delivery) for orders of heavy volume and weight such as billiard tables, football tables and in general heavy orders. This is the cheapest way which however is completed in 2 - 6 working days.
Our web site automatically calculates the volume and the weight of goods and in collaboration with its database immediately adds you the transport cost. Any kind of crane or lift that you may need and assembly is not calculated and you will pay cash for it. Free of charge assembly all over Attica (for slate bed Billiard Tables only). 
ACHRO will communicate with you for verification of your personal information and find out details for your order if any.
We will use all reasonable diligences to ensure your purchases are delivered promptly but we cannot guarantee that there will be no delays in delivery.

Your Right to Cancel a Contract and Return of Faulty Goods
You may cancel the contract at any time within 14 days of receipt of the Product(s) and receive a refund of the price paid excluding shipping cost.
You must inform us on such cancellation by sending a fax or an e-mail on which we will reply by sending you the details of the address to which the products are to be returned, at your cost.
If exercising this right, we would ask you to return the Product(s) unused, in their original, undamaged packaging and with all its accessories (if any). Product(s) that are returned incomplete/damaged, dirty or used will not be refunded.
After we receive your returned product(s), a credit will be issued and you should inform us on the details of the bank account where the purchase should be refunded. If you purchased the product in combination with another ACHRO product(s) as part of a special offer, please note that all of the products within that special offer must be returned at the same time.
If there is a fault with your product(s) during the warranty period, we will offer a prompt repair or exchange (within 14 days after your purchase) at our cost.
This promise does not cover faults caused by accident, neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear.
To qualify for an exchange, the product(s) must be "as new" condition and complete with any accessories offered with it in the original packaging.
If you purchased the product in combination with another ACHRO product(s) as part of a special offer, please note that all of the products within that special offer must be returned at the same time.
If we send you an item you did not order (incorrect item), you must notify us within 14 days of receipt of goods. We will then replace the product at no extra charge.
If exercising this right, we would ask you to return the Product(s) unused, in their original, undamaged packaging. The Product (s) will need to be returned with all its accessories.
Product(s) that are returned incomplete/ damaged or dirty will not be refunded or replaced.
Download here the Contract Withdrawal Form.

Our Commitment To Privacy
All your personal data, collected through, are subject to your full and unconditional consent, which is provided by sending your personal data to us.
You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Moreover you have the right to have access to that data at any time as well as to request the immediate deletion of your information.
Your privacy data are protected and managed in accordance with the terms and conditions of Greek law.
Achro may disclose personal information to third parties without your consent in order to comply with any law or regulation or court order.

Your Personal Information
ACHRO's primary goals in collecting personal information about you are, first, to give you a meaningful, enjoyable, and personalized website experience and, second, to facilitate the development of new products and services relevant to consumers like you. Personal information also allows us to provide better service to you by tailoring our communications to match your interests and deliver more of what you want and less of what you don't want.
Here are the types of information we gather:

In order to establish your account, register products, you will be asked to provide certain personally identifiable information to us such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.

Using your Information
ACHRO only uses your personal information to conduct business with you. Some examples include:

  • creating and maintaining accounts
  • processing, fulfilling and following up on orders
  • answering your e-mail
  • communicating with you
  • We also use this personal information to provide you with information related to your account, the products or services you purchased from us, to better understand your needs and interests, to improve our service and to personalize communications.


Your Choices about Receiving E-mail
ACHRO may contact you by phone or sms/viber/whatsapp/email about your order/s or your account and in response to your questions. ACHRO may also send you email/s with information and/or special offers about products and services that may be of interest to you. Send us an email in case you don't want to receive any more promotional emails and we will unsubscribe you from our database. Promotional emails that you receive from ACHRO will tell you how to decline receiving future promotional emails. If you choose not to accept promotional emails, you may not receive special offers that may be of value to you. This option applies to promotional emails only.

Children's Privacy
Protecting the online privacy of children is especially important. ACHRO does not knowingly collect or solicit personal information about children, except with their parent's or guardian's express consent.

Outside Links
ACHRO site may contain links to and from other Web sites and ACHRO is not responsible for the privacy practices of those Web sites. ACHRO encourages you to ascertain the privacy practices of those Web sites.
Moreover ACHRO is not responsible for the way that customers can see our products or our product details or photos or prices, at any web site (such as because we can not force those web sites to upload the latest details at the exact time that we are making changes. ACHRO encourages you to check the all the details that you may need at our Web site and contact us if necessary for further details and availability.

ACHRO reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time by publishing a notice on this page or, in the case of a substantial change by emailing all customers.

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How do we use cookies?
A number of our pages use cookies to remember:
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