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Billiard Cues & Shafts

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Universal Shaft Wood Joint Protector In Stock
Universal Shaft Wood Joint Protector
4.50€ 4.10€

Universal Shaft Wood Joint Protector.

Shoes For Billiard Play by Tomasi - NR 39 Shoes For Billiard Play by Tomasi - NR 39 4-10 days
Shoes For Billiard Play by Tomasi - NR 39
163.70€ 148.97€

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Norditalia Ricambi s.r.l has decided to expand the wide range of accessories with a special shoe totally made
in Italy, perfect for the billiard game.
This product produced in Toscana exclusively for Norditalia Ricambi s.r.l. by the famous company F.lli Tomasi
has been developed to guarantee hours of comfort during your training and competition activities.
Below, the strength points of "Billiard Comfort shoe"
· Ultralight weight: 340 gr per shoe.
· Use of non-toxic certified leathers, soles, insoles and adhesives.
· Replaceable and removable insole, also with adapted versions.
· Upper and lining completely in veal leather made in Santa Croce Sull'Arno- Pisa.
· Extra-light, anti-slip EVA sole.
· Large fitting and high volume for a better comfort and stability.
· Not embossed seams to avoid annoying rubbings.
· Soft black leather in compliance with the international regulations.

Longoni Cuetip Razor Tool Longoni Cuetip Razor Tool In Stock
Longoni Cuetip Razor Tool
17.42€ 15.85€

The perfect tool for tip edging.
Easy to use. No risk of damaging the ferrule.
Quick. In a few seconds the tip is just installed.
Precise. The tip remains allied to the ferrule.
Comfortable, light and compact. You can put it in every corner of your cue bag

Glove Renzline Start Black Dx (Right Hand) Glove Renzline Start Black Dx (Right Hand) In Stock
Glove Renzline Start Black Dx (Right Hand)
6.97€ 6.83€

Glove Renzline Start Black Dx for Right Hand.
100% Breathable Lycra fabric and soft to the touch.
Size: One size elastic

Glove Vaula SX TG Medium Glove Vaula SX TG Medium In Stock
Glove Vaula SX TG Medium
24.70€ 22.48€

Glove of the Vaula line, designed for players of all levels. The extremely smooth low-friction surface allows the player to have greater accuracy and continuity of play. Lightweight and comfortable.
- Material: 90% polyester, 10% elastan
- Palm material: black ultra-Dry Breathable Mesh
- Bottom material of the non-slip part: black microfiber
- Non-slip part: black silicone print
- Adjustable strap
- Glove suitable for right hand players

U Bridge Head Brass Medium In Stock
U Bridge Head Brass Medium
15.60€ 14.20€

U Bridge Head Brass Medium.
Many different positions.
Material: Brass

Handgrip Longoni Murano - VIDEO Handgrip Longoni Murano - VIDEO In Stock
Handgrip Longoni Murano - VIDEO
17.55€ 15.97€

Handgrip for Billiard Cue Butt Longoni Murano
Murano Is The Handgrip Chosen By Longoni To Give The Best Grip To Your Game Leaving Unchanged The Beauty Of Your Cue`s Woods. Made Of Pure Silicone Rubber, The Same Used In The Medical Field, It Is A Non-Toxic Product And Suitable Also To Whom Is Latex Allergic. It Can Be Easily Put On The Cue With The Help Of A Few Sprays Of Glass Detergent (Which Does Not Contain Solvents), Scrolling It Till The Required Position. Once The Liquid In Excess Has Been Removed With A Soft Cloth, After About One Hour Your Cue Is Ready For The Game.


Length: 34cm
Weight: 28gr
Thickness: 1mm
Install it with: Liquid Glass Cleaner
Surface: Smooth

Cue Bag Scudo 4B-8S Cue Bag Scudo 4B-8S In Stock
Cue Bag Scudo 4B-8S
75.90€ 69.83€

High Quality Cue Cases
Type: Soft Case
Weight: ≈1Kg
Max Internal Length: 800mm
To Add in Max: 4 Butts, 8 Shafts & Spares
Equipped with Handle: Yes
Equipped with Shoulder Strap: Yes
Lock/s: -

Club Ramin 145 Club Ramin 145 In Stock
Club Ramin 145
25.50€ 24.99€

Pool / Carom Billiard
Level: Entry Level
Tip Diameter: 12mm
Weight: ≈450-550gr
Length: 145cm
Comments: Ramin wood with screw on tip.

Longoni Cue Wax Longoni Cue Wax In Stock
Longoni Cue Wax
10.62€ 9.66€

Longoni Cue Wax conditioner for cue shaft.

ECO Kit Service for Club Rami 8MA 12mm ECO Kit Service for Club Rami 8MA 12mm In Stock
ECO Kit Service for Club Rami 8MA 12mm
2.00€ 1.96€

Ferrule Plc for Club Rami One Piece Cue with Screw on Tip 12mm 8MA Joint
The Economy Service Kit!!!

Transparent Glue by Achro In Stock
Transparent Glue by Achro
30.00€ 28.50€

Glue for Tips and Ferrules Transparent by Achro.

Time of welding: 3 min

Net Weight: 50gr

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