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Billiard Table

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Pool Imperial Challenger 9 Matt Black Pool Imperial Challenger 9 Matt Black 4-10 days
Pool Imperial Challenger 9 Matt Black
4290.00€ 3946.80€

Free Shipping

Amazing pool billiard table with a modern and linear style suitable for home use, in solid wood covered with matt black resistant to scratches Formica.
Enriched with corners, profiles and adjustable feet for perfect leveling, all of them in aluminium alloy.
Equipped with 3 pieces, 25 mm slate and cushions model K66 for a perfect playing geometry.
Cloth and playing accessories are included.
Available in 9’ version only.

Ext.size = 286 x 159cm

Int.size = 254 x 127cm

Weight = 437Kg

Slate = 3pcs / 25mm

Prints With Dogs Set Of 5 Pcs 51X39 cm Prints With Dogs Set Of 5 Pcs 51X39 cm In Stock
Prints With Dogs Set Of 5 Pcs 51X39 cm
29.50€ 26.85€

Posters With Dogs Set Of 5 Pcs 51X39 cm


Longoni Revolution 10ft (Classic Style) Pre-Order
Longoni Revolution 10ft (Classic Style)
27500.00€ 26950.00€

Free Shipping

Best selling classic style table. A real masterpiece of lombard cabinet-making: reinforced frame and first quality slate. It can be produced in several finishings, shades and selected dried essences: available for carom game. The legs are turned and, together with the aprons, they can be pickled on request. The “mascarons” are available in gold plated, silver plated and old-looking version.

A full set of high quality accessories & cloth included in price as a free gift.

The Lamp is not included in price.


Size: 10ft

External Size: 305x170cm

Play-field Size: 270x135cm

Play-field Height: 75⇔77cm

Total Weight: ≈1100Kg

Slates: 3 pieces

Slate Thickness: 40mm

Slate Weight: ≈520kg

0.12€ 0.11€

Diamond for the Billiard Table rails.
Price per piece.

Thermostat In Stock
35.00€ 33.25€

Billiard table economy Thermostat. Νormally Οpen NO & Νormally Closed NC Outputs 16Α 220V.

Ball Tray 16 Balls Pool In Stock
Ball Tray 16 Balls Pool
10.80€ 9.83€

Ball Tray 16 Balls Pool ø57,2mm


Pocket Pool Set Nir Patrick - Height 24cm Pocket Pool Set Nir Patrick - Height 24cm In Stock
Pocket Pool Set Nir Patrick - Height 24cm
68.16€ 64.75€

Pocket set for pool tables made of durable black polyethylene.
Specific for pool tables with pockets, without fixing holes, it must be nailed directly to the wood of the cushion avoiding using protruding nails.
Height : 24cm It is sold in a 6-pieces set in order to complete a table.

Table Cover For Pool 7-9ft Plastic 300X200 cm In Stock
Table Cover For Pool 7-9ft Plastic 300X200 cm
40.00€ 36.40€

Table Cover For Pool 7-9ft Plastic, 300X200 cm

Ball Polish Aramith In Stock
Ball Polish Aramith
15.13€ 13.77€

Ball Polish Aramith 250ml


Royal 55 Carom - Set 4 pieces In Stock
Royal 55 Carom - Set 4 pieces
180.00€ 163.80€

Free Shipping

Royal 55 Carom

Price per set for 10ft table

New York 8ft New York 8ft Pre-Order
New York 8ft
5829.64€ 5713.05€

Free Shipping

New York model has been created to combine maximum sturdiness and convenience thanks to the specific design of the playing surface made of 22 mm. thick diamond ground slate (that can be removed to facilitate transportation), the frame and internal mechanism. The tables features a high quality cloth, table framecovered in shock-proof laminate, soft rubber cushions of well-tested mechanism and easy access draw for cleaning purposes both ensure maximum reliability. The table is supplied with a complete pool set including balls, triangle, 4 cues with cue case, chalk and brush. Electronic system for ejecting the balls with battery power electronic coin-shute.
Ext.size = 256 x 145 cm
Int.size = 224 x 112 cm
Weight = 380 Kg
Slate = 1pcs / 22mm

Play 14 With Infrared Remote Control Play 14 With Infrared Remote Control In Stock
Play 14 With Infrared Remote Control
880.00€ 792.00€

Free Shipping

Special research and development have gone into the creation of this scoreboard, a useful device designed for billiard-type games (carambol, snooker, pool, etc.) and darts. The PLAY 14 scoreboard can also be used for many other games.
The display (numbers) is 11.5cm high and can be read from a distance of 30m. The colors utilized --red and green-- make the display both attractive and easier to read. Three displays for each player: two showing 3 numbers and one showing a single figure. In addition, indication is given of the player currently involved in the game.
Controlled at a distance by means of a sturdy flat-membrane keyboard already hooked up to a cable 18m in length.
It makes available a number of practical functions pertinent to the game in progress (e.g., POINT AVERAGE, MAX. POINT TOTAL, etc.).
If the electrical power should fail, no points total in the memory bank will be lost (and this without the use of batteries).
The scoreboard comes equipped with adhesive- backed tags printed in several languages, tags which explain the display functions (SCORE, SET, FRAME, GAMES, INNINGS, BREAK, PUNKTE, SATZ, SPIELE, AUFNAHME, PUNTI, PARTITE, RIPRESE). Also included are 4 white plastic blanks upon which the name of the players or team can be written; these blanks are located right under the display terminal itself.
A sturdy metal box easily attachable to a wall.
Size: 1pz 75x59x10cm + 1pz 22x12x1,7cm. - Weight: 12.2kg.
Power Supply: 230V 50-60Hz, 60VA.

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