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Timers and Controllers

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Timer Control Unit - 4 Balls - Carom Pre-Order
Timer Control Unit - 4 Balls - Carom
320.00€ 291.20€

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Timer Control Unit - 4 Balls(4 x Ø61.5mm) - Carom.

21,5 X 22 X 19cm - 5,1kg



The ideal solution for the management of all billiards games operating at an hourly rate
For all specialities (from 3 to 22 balls + Ping-Pong).
Battery powered only (lasting 8-12 years).
For all countries (programmable monetary unit).
100% ball control (on a removable tray).





This billiard timer does not require an electrical power supply, thus eliminating the problems of an overload on the line or a sudden blackout. As a result, it may be set up practically anywhere one chooses. An internal lithium battery keeps the appliance on all the time for at least 8 years (average 10 years). The battery can be found in electronics shops.


Suitable for all countries because the value of each unit can be programmed (monetary unit); it can be: 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.50 1 2 5 10 20 50 100.


Two hourly rates which may be programmed from 10 to 500 clicks per hour. The second tariff may be employed for peak hours or for CLUB members. The choice of the rate is then made by pressing the TARIFF button.


A start-play (or game-opening) charge which may be programmed from 0 to 15 units in the event that one wishes to have a set start-play charge in addition to the hourly rate.


A register totalling 99,999 units.


In order to prevent unwanted tampering, programming, zeroing of the totalizer and accessing the internal parts of the appliance, these operations can be carried out only using the INSTALLATION key.


When the START PLAY key is turned, the front door opens and the count begins, as shown on the display terminal.


The balls are stored in an easily removable practical plastic tray which can be carried to the billiard table. The time count stops only when the tray is inserted with ALL the balls and the door is closed.


Sturdy metal container. The ball control mechanism is mechanical and of simple construction (patented). Just one micro-switch is used.


The simplicity and compactness of the electronics (10.5 x 6 cm: it fits in the palm of your hand), its isolation from the mains and its "zero" consumption make it very reliable throughout time (an annual breakage percentage lower than 3/1000).


OPTIONS (selectable during purchase)


LAMP CONTROL. It offers automatic lighting of the lampshade when the timer is counting and increases safety against cheating.


START FROM OPEN. Allows the time count to restart even if the door is open (by turning the START PLAY key). This is for changing players without having to replace the tray with all the balls.


HOURLY BANDS. Useful for taking advantage of peak hours, both daily and weekly. Three hourly rates can be programmed and they may alternate automatically on programmable hourly periods.


Coin Timer 22B Pre-Order
Coin Timer 22B
863.10€ 785.42€

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COIN TIMER-16B for 22 balls (16x52,4mm)

Size: 32,5x47x35,5cm. - Weight: 13,6kg.


Coins or token Timer for billiard: control not only the electrical load (lights) but also the presence of the balls.


The COIN TIMER for pool incorporates a container (BOX) which contains the tray for the balls. The BOX opens in the moment when the money is inserted. At the end of the acquired time, if the tray with ALL the balls is not inserted and the BOX closed, the acoustic signal will be heard, the electrical load connected to the SERVICE (light, electronic scoreboard etc. ...) will turn off and the ALARM light, if it has been connected, will start to flash. Moreover some special anti-fraud counters allow you to check for how long the ball BOX has been left open after the time is over, even without the use of electricity.


According to the value of the money that has been inserted and the hourly tariff that has been programmed, the corresponding time will be automatically loaded. The maximum cumulative time is 9 hours and 59 minutes. You can arrange, if you wish, up to 3 different hourly rates that will automatically alternate on different time zones that can be programmed for the duration of a day or a week.


The COIN TIMER supplies 2 electrical contacts: one for service (SERVICE) to which the load to be controlled must be connected and a signalling one (ALARM) to which it is possible to connect a light that will remain alight during the last minute of the purchased time. Moreover an acoustic signal indicates when 2 minutes and 1 minute is left before the time is over.


The general totalizer of the takings and the individual meter for coins or tokens, other than the anti-fraud systems, ensure the maximum operating reliability, also without electricity. The visualizer has its own internal lithium battery that ensures complete operation for more than 7 years if it is not connected to the electrical supply.


Sturdy metal container that can be fixed to a wall.


The device does not fulfill the Italian obligation of electronic recording and data transmission (Art. 2, comma 2, D.Lgs. Italiano 127/2015).


Power supply: 230Vac, 50-60Hz, 250mA maximum.

Maximum load applicable to the SERVICE and ALARM contacts: 5A, 250Vac. Available also for 115Vac, selectable during purchase.


Type of coin validator (selectable during purchase)

Mechanical coin validator for 1 coin of:
€ 0.50
€ 1.00
€ 2.00


The COIN TIMER, other than all the billiard specialities, can also be used in many other sectors where the using time of goods or services has to be paid by inserting coins or tokens. It can be used, for example, to turn on the night lights of a tennis court or for an electronic scoreboard for darts, for the operating of videogames by time, for internet terminals, showers, solariums, etc..

Control Unit Box Stacked version L - 4 Balls - Carom Pre-Order
Control Unit Box Stacked version L - 4 Balls - Carom
275.20€ 250.43€

Free Shipping

Control Unit Box Stacked version L - 4 Balls(4 x Ø61,5mm) - Carom.


If the boxes have to be stacked one on top of another, they are available without rear shoulder and with an anti-slip rubber insert; their code number has the word /L added

21,5 X 22 X 11,2 - 4,25kg

Control Unit Box Stacked version L - 16 Balls - R/Pyramid Pre-Order
Control Unit Box Stacked version L - 16 Balls - R/Pyramid
239.00€ 217.49€

Free Shipping

Control Unit Box Stacked version L - 16 Balls(16 x Ø68mm) - R/Pyramid.


If the boxes have to be stacked one on top of another, they are available without rear shoulder and with an anti-slip rubber insert; their code number has the word /L added

32 X 32,5 X 11,8 - 8,43kg

Module-Balls X 4 Ball-Drawers Pre-Order
Module-Balls X 4 Ball-Drawers
193.20€ 175.81€

Free Shipping


Options for MICRO8 and MICRO32
Is designed for controlling the BOXes (cases) which hold the billiard balls.


Three models available: for 4, 8 and for 16 boxes.
The connection between each BOX and the controller is carried out using two wires at low voltage (24V).
BOX is a sturdy metal container with a simple mechanical system (patented) for controlling the billiard balls.
There are BOXes for all types of billiard balls: see ARTICLE CODES section.
When a game start (START) is given to the MICRO8-MICRO32, the ball door opens automatically thus allowing the player to take the tray holding the balls. When the tray with ALL the balls is replaced into the BOX and the door is closed (the door will not close if even one ball is missing), the MICRO8-MICRO32 will stop the time count and display game-over to the operator.
The BALL-CONTROL can also be connected to simple ball holders where a micro-switch trips when the ball tray is removed. In this case the game starts automatically when the tray is removed.
CONTROL-BALL power supply: 230Vac, 250mA Max (115V).

Battery Lithium For Lcd10 4-10 days
Battery Lithium For Lcd10
50.69€ 46.13€

Lithium Battery for TIMER 3-22B


Card Electronic X Timer 4-10 days
Card Electronic X Timer
156.40€ 142.32€

Free Shipping

Electronic Card for TIMER 3-22B without time zones

Card Timer W/Time Zone Pre-Order
Card Timer W/Time Zone
248.70€ 226.32€

Free Shipping

Electronic Card for TIMER 3-22B with time zones

Button +/- Timer Card Pre-Order
Button +/- Timer Card
12.00€ 10.92€

Button +/- for TIMER 3-22B


Button Brass X Timer Pre-Order
Button Brass X Timer
5.54€ 5.04€

Button for TIMER 3-22B


Micro X Control Of Lamps 4-10 days
Micro X Control Of Lamps
16.20€ 14.74€

Micro switch for lamp control for TIMER 3-22B


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