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Polishing Longoni Billiard Balls Polish Polishing Longoni Billiard Balls Polish Pre-Order
Polishing Longoni Billiard Balls Polish
11.07€ 10.07€

High-quality cream, perfect to give a new shine to your balls.
For a better result, we suggest to use it together with its polishing cloth.
Content : 150 ml
Use : neutral Ph abrasive polishing without solvents.
Efficient, rapid, easy, practical, safe.
1. first, shake the bottle in order to homogenize well the liquid with the abrasive component.
2. apply a small quantity on the ball.
3. wipe with a clean cloth with the pressure suitable for the type of result required.
Avoid direct contact with eyes and mucous.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep it in fresh and dry spaces and keep away from hot sources.
Do not disperse the box in the environment.

Ball Polish Aramith In Stock
Ball Polish Aramith
15.13€ 13.77€

Ball Polish Aramith 250ml


Restorer Aramith Balls Pre-Order
Restorer Aramith Balls
16.08€ 14.63€

Restorer Aramith Balls 250ml


Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth 4-10 days
Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth
19.30€ 17.56€

Aramith Micro Fiber Cloth

Highly Efective with 250000 Fibers per inch2


Ball Polish Machine for 5 Balls - 220W Ball Polish Machine for 5 Balls - 220W 4-10 days
Ball Polish Machine for 5 Balls - 220W
612.00€ 556.92€

Free Shipping

A powerful polishing machine for billiard balls which removes traces of chalk and dirt. Best results when used together with Aramith ball polish. Ball polishing is really easy:
1. put some polish on the rotating surface
2. put balls into their place
3. switch the machine on After about 3 minutes, balls are clean and shiny.
To obtain an even better result use Longoni Anti static spray. Apply a small portion on a towel and wipe the balls. It removes residuals of the ball polish and reduces the electrostatic charges of the balls.

Spareparts Ball Polising Machine Spareparts Ball Polising Machine In Stock
Spareparts Ball Polising Machine
44.12€ 40.15€

Spareparts Ball Polising Machine

Antistatic Protection For Billard Balls 4-10 days
Antistatic Protection For Billard Balls
10.00€ 9.10€

Antistatic Protection For Billard Balls


Nir Cloth Cleaner, Spray - VIDEO In Stock
Nir Cloth Cleaner, Spray - VIDEO
16.00€ 14.56€

Cloth cleaner for the billiard tables.

Brush Simonis X-1 Brush Simonis X-1 Pre-Order
Brush Simonis X-1
105.98€ 96.44€

The Simonis X-1 works by static electricity and by capillarity. It is therefore a very flexible and rapid back and forth movement and not the exaggerated pressure which would be needed for the optimal effectiveness of a brush.
After having cleaned the whole table, including the horizontal part of the cushions, use the Simonis X-1 to delicately brush the playing surface in parallel lines in order to give the cloth its well-kept appearance.
The Simonis X-1 possesses a high absorption capacity and can easily retain the dust of half a chalk in its textile structure. Once the Simonis X-1 no longer seems to retain the chalk, all one has to do is release the dust absorbed by the high-tech structure to restore its initial effectiveness.
To do this, we recommend that you:
* either vacuum the textile structure
* or beat/slap the structure with your hand.
detail SIMONIS X-1 (do not hit the Simonis X-1 against a hard surface which could damage the X-1 or that same surface; do not clean the textile surface with any liquid)
Please note however that the textile surface will retain the colour of the chalk, even after having been emptied. This colouration is normal and in no way alters the effectiveness of the Simonis X-1.
The Simonis X-1 can absorb any sort of fine dust provided that it can be integrated into the high-tech structure of the X-1.
The dimensions and shape of the Simonis X-1 have been designed to be best adapted to each user. Its non-slip handle is suited to all hands and its size is designed to maintain optimum control during the cleaning of your table.
Its curved shape enables it to be used effectively along the cushions, without risk of damaging the cloth or the rubber.

Brush Texas - VIDEO In Stock
Brush Texas - VIDEO
60.00€ 54.60€

Brush Texas 34x6x9cm


Brush Vermont 4-10 days
Brush Vermont
30.67€ 27.91€

Brush Vermont 33x9x7cm


Brush Florida Pre-Order
Brush Florida
29.45€ 26.80€

Brush Florida 30x6cm


Brush Michigan Brush Michigan 4-10 days
Brush Michigan
44.04€ 40.08€

Brush Michigan 26x10x5cm


Brush Illinois In Stock
Brush Illinois
8.50€ 7.74€

Brush Illinois 23x6x5cm


Brush New Mexico In Stock
Brush New Mexico
5.00€ 4.55€

Brass New Mexico 21x7x2cm


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